The Plan

On this page you can read about the road the Office Open XML C# Library is gone follow (of course this road may change).

For all releases go's that know bugs will be fixed.

Alpha version

The following points are related to the xml within the docx files.

  • Create support for relationships to for example add/remove images.
  • Create support for end notes.
  • Create support for footers and headers.
  • Create support for styles .
  • Create support for (web)settings.
  • Create support for making a Docx file from scratch.
  • Optimize the xml parser.
  • Create new loading system for the docx files so that stuff will only get loaded when needed.
  • Optimize preformence and start wrapping up.
1.0 Finish up the last Docx part of the library and start on Xslx files.
2.0 Finish up the last Xslx part of the library and start on Pptx files.
3.0 Finish up the last Pptx part of the library and start testing.