Welkom to the Office Open XML C# Library

Welkom to the Office Open Xml C# Library website.

On this site you can read about a library that will help you as a C# developer to create, and edit docx files.
For now only Docx are supported but when this is fully supported other Office Open Xml file types (like xslx) will get supported.

To download the latest version of the Office Open Xml c# library please check the download site.

License change

As of 03-07-2007 the license of this library has been changed on request of Carl Arnesten (thanks for keeping developing Carl!) to a choice.
The choices are GPL/LGPL/MPL hope this will help people who wish to help/use this library.

SVN Daily build

Now Office Open XML C# Library has Subversion Access witch can be found here.
For now only dailybuilds can be downloaden which has loads of new features.
If anyone wishes to help the project as a Tester or Developer or in any other way please send me a mail at warstar-web_@_gmx.net (replace the _@_ with @).


If you wish to help this project we are looking for developers to join this project please send a mail to warstar-web_@_gmx.net (replace the" _@_" by "@").
If you found any bugs please send a mail to warstar-web_@_gmx.net (replace the" _@_" by "@") or place a post on the Bugs forum.

The Goal

The goal of this project is to create a C# library that wil allow a developer to create, edit and save files that use Office Open Xml.
For now the project will create a interface with the new file formats that are release with Microsoft Office 2007 but later on this may change if other company's start using this format.

For more information about Office Open Xml look at http://www.ecma-international.org (project TC45) and http://www.openxmldeveloper.org/